Do you like to Party?

Do you like to Party?


Do you like to party?  Of course you do, people who love flowers usually make the most of life.  And of course no party is complete without friends, food and flowers. Have no fear Maui Floral is here to help you with your party plans…as far as the flowers go that is.  We will ship Hawaii’s best flowers directly to you - Free Shipping and Farm Fresh Flower Guarantee.   So take a look at some ideas for the best flowers to compliment every special occasion.

Tried and True - Birthday & Anniversary Flowers

With each passing year we want to celebrate the milestones in life… birthdays and anniversaries and the like.  Some years the celebrations are bigger and more important to remember but every year flowers are a way to say I Love You or Congratulations or both!   So here is what we suggest that will help you celebrate ! 

LEI ~ For the Guest of Honor

In the Islands we bestow the guest of honor with a floral Lei that recognizes the special occasion and will make any recipient feel like the VIP they are. 

Ladies:     Uilani  Lei  or Rainbow Haku Head Lei

Gentlemen:   Cigar Lei or Ti Leaf Lei

ARRANGEMENTS ~ For the Table: 

These stellar designer made arrangement are ready for you to display . Each arrangement comes  pre-arranged in a container, just add a bit of water upon arrival, place them in the spotlight and watch the reaction of your guest to these stunning exotics.

Round shape :    Rainbow Arrangement

Long and low:     Tropical Paradise Arrangement

     Tall & Handsome:      Tall Protea & Tropical Arrangement

LEI ~ For your Guests:

Ladies & Gentlemen:  A Sonya Orchid Lei for everyone          


Our Gift Boxes are perfect for the DIYer as assembly is required and design skills are helpful, but you can’t go wrong no matter how you arrange these beauties … The flowers come in a large box and are cut long so you can choose the proper length.   So trim the stems, add water to your favorite vases and get ready for the WOW effect. 

The Tropical Splendor Gift BoxSmall (23 stems), Medium(34 stems)  or Large (47 stems) is a winning combination of ginger, heliconia, anthuriums, tropics and farm foliage, a lush assembly of Hawaii’s best fresh flowers. 

Taste of the Islands - Luau and/or Baby’s First Birthday Flowers

You can have a Luau anywhere with the right food, flowers and friends.   Did you know that here in the islands one of the biggest birthdays we celebrate is a Baby’s First Birthday Luau? Yes the little one hardly knows what’s up but the adults in the room are overjoyed and want to wish them a long and healthy life, so we have a Birthday Luau.  Typically a Luau means great food and lots of it, in a casual setting like the backyard or on the beach.   But we’re here to talk flowers… so take a look at the floral beauties we suggest for a Luau …

LEI ~ For the Special Guest:

The guest of honor at a luau is often graced with a beautiful Haku Head Lei for the ladies, while the gentlemen wear the handsome Kukui Nut Lei.  

Wahine (women):   Tropical Haku Head Lei

Kane (men):            Kukui Nut Lei  

ARRANGEMENTS ~ For the Table: 

Luau tables are ladened with food first and foremost, but don’t forget to place a tropical arrangement front and center to bring the feeling of Hawaii to your party. 

Round shape :    Tropical & Protea Basket Arrangement 

Long and low:     Tropical Paradise Arrangement

Tall & handsome:     Tall Protea & Tropical Arrangement

LEI ~ For your  Guests:

Ladies:          A Sonya Orchid Lei         

Gentlemen:   A Ti Leaf Lei           


The Special Occasion Gift Box,  70 stems of the most gorgeous exotic flowers, will provide plenty of flowers for you to decorate every surface or stage… so get creative and make your own unique tropical floral displays … here, there and everywhere.  

Just Maui’d - Tropical Wedding Flowers

Well maybe you can’t actually get married on Maui, but we can make you feel like you did with this vibrant collection of FreshTropical Flowers…

LEI ~ For the Guests of Honor:

These  Lei are perfect to celebrate a wedding - for the bride: the white crown flower Lei is elegant and pearl-like  or  the white baby’s breath Head Lei is a delicate crown.    

For the groom: the regal Ti Leaf-Maile style Lei is very handsome.  

Bride:  Triple Strand of Hearts of Crown Flower Lei and/or Baby’s Breath Haku Head Lei

Groom:  Ti Leaf Maile-style Lei

ARRANGEMENTS  ~ For the Table: 

Center stage is for the bride and groom on their wedding day and these ready to display arrangement will compliment the tropical theme in style.

Round shape :    Rainbow Arrangement

Long and low:     Tropical Paradise Arrangement

     Tall & Handsome:     Tall Protea & Tropical Arrangement

LEI ~ For your Guests:

Ladies:   A Sonya Orchid Lei

Gentlemen:  A Ti Leaf Lei


The Festival of Flowers Gift Box  will give you 55 tropical stems including anthurium, ginger, orchids, heliconia and much more . This box will  provide plenty of options to create an exotic display of flowers around your wedding venue.  

Whenever you want or for any special occasion Hawaii’s Tropical Flowers will provide an island atmosphere and the spirit of Aloha.

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