Kings and Ginger

$ 79.00

This glorious arrangement of King Protea and Ginger would brighten up any room and is a majestic blend of warm rich colours and elegant shapes. The stunning King Protea is beautiful complimented with an intense assortment of ginger that mix together to form this wondrous flower arrangement. You can choose from three sizes a small, medium and large making this...

Flower Garden

$ 79.00

You can transform any setting into a Hawaiian paradise with the tropical flowers that are gloriously presented in our stunning Flower Garden arrangement. This lush and warm arrangement wondrously combines a stylish array of flowers including: Gingers, Heliconia, Proteas (including Kings and Pincushions) and Birds-of-Paradise that are backed with an array of lush green foliage. Our Flower Garden arrangement brings...

Red Anthurium

$ 69.00

Lively, warm and welcoming this glorious display of stunning red Anthuriums wondrously convey the true spirit of Hawaii. It’s the ideal combination of elegance and beauty and the stunning deep red of the Anthurium flowers are beautifully complimented with a lush backdrop of deep green foliage. This simple yet stylish arrangement will add a touch of wonder and colour to...

Ginger and Dendroibum Orchids

$ 79.00

A gorgeous splash of color awaits you with this magnificent modern array of lush Ginger and Dendroibum Orchids. This dreamy array of Ginger and Orchids is backed with a lush array of deep green foliage and together they form an eye-catching and stylish warm array of flowers that will brighten up any setting. Wondrously combining hues of pink and white...

Tall Protea & Tropical

$ 119.00

Leave the arranging to us. This is a prearranged taller design for all to admire. Beautiful heliconia, ginger, tropicals and proteas - Stunning!

Special Occasion Box

$ 179.00

If you want to decorate your home or office for a special occasion, this assortment gives you options. You can create one magnificent, massive arrangement, or have smaller arrangements adding a touch of island elegance here, there and everywhere. This special assortment includes at least 70 tropicals, proteas, anthuriums, orchids and foliage .

Tropical and Protea Basket Round

$ 99.95

This fresh basket is a beautiful combination of protea and tropicals including kings, heliconia, gingers and foliages.

Tropical Splendor

$ 79.00

This bright, bold collection adds a breath of Hawaii to any setting. It features anthuriums, birds of paradise, heliconias, other seasonal flowers, and lots of tropical foliage. Our small selection contains a total of 23 stems of flowers and foliage.  Our medium selection contains a total of 34 stems of flowers and foliage, and our  large selection  contains a total...