General Information Regarding Our Gift Boxes

How long will the flowers last?
Generally 5 - 7 days. Some flowers which are more hardy (such as the protea) will last longer than the more delicate flowers such as ginger.

How do I care for my flowers?
Care instructions are included with every box. Flowers will last the longest with fresh, clean water. When replenishing the vase, trimming the stems 1/2" will help extend the vase life of the flowers.

Is there a vase included?
Not with the gift boxes, they come as cut flowers in a box. The Protea Basket, however, does come arranged in the basket.

How large a vase is needed?
Protea, Ginger, Helconia, and Birds of Paradise are large-stemmed flowers. A good-sized vase is needed, at least approximately 12 to 15 inches high with a 3 to 5 inch opening.

Can I choose the colors I want?
We try to meet the customers request, but cannot make guarantees.

Can I have an assorted color of ginger?
You may request some pink and some red.
We try to meet the customers request, but cannot make a guarantee.

Can I have extra flowers added to my box for an additional charge?

Can I substitute flowers or do I have to change the assortment?
Generally, no. However, if a customer does not want a certain flower, we can make an equal substitution of our choice.

What if the recipient is not home at the time of delivery?
The box can be left at the door, without a signature (shipper's release) or a notice will be left and delivery will be attempted again the next delivery day. Be careful with Friday delivery dates without a release, as the next delivery day is Monday.